Blade of the Immortal Author Says He Turned A Hollywood Offer Because Of The Change In Script.


Mugen no Junin/Blade of the Immortal Hiroaki Samura, revealed during an interview session held at the Animate Shinjuku store in Tokyo yesterday May 14, that he received an offer from a Hollywood studio for a live-action film adaptation of the manga in the past, but turned it down politely due to drastic changes in the script.

Samura says the Hollywood version was set in the modern-day New York instead of the japanesse mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period. Samura said the script portrayed protagonist Manji, as a dishonest trading company employee instead of an immortal samurai in the Edo period of Japan (1603-1868).

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Hiroaki Samura’s manga was originally published in 1993 and ended on December 25, 2012. An anime television series adaption by Bee Train and Production I.G aired in 2008. The manga also as a novel “Blade of the Immortal: Legend of the Sword Demon”. A japanesse live-action film adaptation of the manga was released on April 292017.

Mugen no Junin/Blade of the Immortal is set in Japan during the mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period and follows the cursed samurai Manji, who has to kill 1000 evil men in order to regain his mortality.

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