Ultraman is coming to Marvel Comics in 2020.

Marvel Comics will release Ultraman comics and graphic novels in 2020. The announcement was made Tsuburaya Productions at Tokyo Comic-Con. Tsuburaya Productions.

“As one of the world’s most popular franchises, Ultraman has brought together some of the most passionate fandoms in pop culture today, and we can’t wait to bring his story to even more fans around the globe. Like Marvel, Ultraman captivated generations by telling spectacular stories grounded in the real world, and it continues to be a beloved classic through its television shows, movies, toys, games, comics, and more. We are so thrilled to introduce new chapters to the Ultraman Multiverse next year,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski revealed.

Tsuburaya Production CEO Takayuki Tsukagoshi added: “We are delighted to announce the partnership with Marvel, one of the leading entertainment companies that has produced fascinating characters and stories loved by fans across the globe for over 80 years. We can’t be more excited to explore and create new stories for the Ultraman franchise with Marvel and bringing them to both Marvel and Ultraman fans all around the world.”

Ultraman is coming to Marvel Comics in 2020.

Tsuburaya Productions won the right to be the sole intellectual property owner of Ultraman this year. The company also announced that Ultraman Taiga series will be made available worldwide in 2020. Tsuburaya Productions debuted The Ultra Series in 1966, with Ultra Q and then Ultraman. Since then the show has spawned numerous TV series, movies, anime, and video games.

We will update you when more details are made available.

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