Press Release

We are pleased to announce the Launch of the new Website, redesigned to serve fans high-quality content and reflects both the evolution of our blog as well as its vision for the future. Anime Comic Book provides fans with the latest anime, manga, video games and comic books breaking news.

The rebranding consisted of: a new brand name, and new logo. The new branding further enables the blog to stand out and repositioned itself to better provide speedy, fact-checked, independent news, analysis, podcasts, reviews, and exclusive reports.

We've taken a clean, modern approach to the website's design and user experience. The revamped website,, includes a platform where you can speak YOUR mind. Readers, listeners, and supporters are encouraged to submit columns or vlogs that they'd like to see published on the site for the world to see. Let yourself be heard!


Founded in 2013, Anime Comic Book the blog is dedicated to providing reports on the status of anime, manga, video games, Comic books and other related pop culture news. We're independently run, and made up of a core team of dedicated fans.

Twitter: @animecomicbook