Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation will be released in winter 2020.

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation movie will officially be revealed in Winter 2020. Toei made the announcement as part of its 2020 scheduled theatrical releases on Wednesday. Early this week the company revealed that the main antagonist in Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation will be Another No. 1, which is the origin of all. The identity of the Another No. 1. In addition, Toei also revealed a teaser visual announcement.

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation will be released in winter 2020.

Kamen Rider Zero-One is the latest installment and the 30th Rider series in the Kamen Rider franchise. Zero-One is the first Rider series starting in the Reiwa Era of Japan, under Emperor Naruhito. The show replaced Kamen Rider Zi-O after the tokusatsu series ends this August.

Kamen Rider was created by manga created Shotaro Ishinomori, the series began in 1971. Ishinomori is also the creator of Super Sentai (Power Rangers).

Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation will premiere in Japanese theaters this December 21, 2019.

The Hiden Zero-One Driver can only be used by the company’s president. Whose will was the one that led to the creation of this device and it falling in the hands of Aruto Hiden? Kamen Rider Zero-One’s birth story will be revealed!

Kamen Rider Zi-O, who fought as the greatest Demon King of Heisei Kamen Riders chose to reset the world and live a new life. Why does Sougo Tokiwa transform into a Kamen Rider again and meet Zero-One? Kamen Rider Zi-O’s true ending chosen by Sougo will be revealed!

The world of Kamen Rider Zero-One and the world of Kamen Rider Zi-O. The two heroes live in different worlds, but what is waiting for them after crossing time and space into a single world? Union or conflict? This winter marks a new legend in the history of Kamen Rider.