Goku goes Muscular Ultra Instinct in the new Dragon Ball Super issue.

Goku has to surpass is limit once again in the next issue of Dragon Ball Super. The manga series Chapter 60 titled “Merus’ Miscalculation,” sees Goku and Moro go all out on each for the last time. Goku is able to easily attain Ultra Instinct Omen, however, the Saiyan struggles to retain the during the showdown with Moro thus reaching Muscular Ultra Instinct. Meanwhile, Vegeta is able to use the Instant Transmission technique.

Last year there were rumors that the new Dragon Ball series will allegedly adapt the Dragon Ball Super. Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga Manga arc with the new villain being Moro.

The Dragon Ball Super anime is a sequel to Toriyama‘s original Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z television series featuring the first new storyline in 18 years. The anime show follows Goku and the gang four years after defeating Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotarou revealed that the anime show will reach the ending of Dragon Ball Z television series, which skipped 10 years after the last chapter and saw Goku meet up with Majin Boo’s human reincarnation, Uub.

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