Dengeki Sentai Changeman actor dead aged 81.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman‘s actor Shohei Yamamoto has passed away at age 81. The actor died on October 30, due to pneumonia. The funeral and farewell ceremony was held by the family. 

Mr. Yamamoto played a villain called General Giluke from a group called “Goshizama Gozma,” in the 1985 Super Sentai Series. He also starred in Reborn from Hell II: Jubei’s Revenge and the Seishi Yokomizo Series.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman is the ninth and last installment of the Super Sentai metaseries until Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger where the Yellow Ranger is absent. The Super Sentai series aired from February 2, 1985, to February 22, 1986, running for 55 episodes.

After conquering hundreds of planets, the Star Clustere Gozma sets its sights on Earth. To defend it, the Japanese military forms an elite Earth Defense Force. Under Commander Ibuki, the force begins rigorous training.

Meanwhile, as their first act, the Gozma decide to eliminate those who pose the greatest risk of interfering with their invasion: the military. After a brutal day of training, the Earth Defense Force recruits are fed up with Ibuki’s cruel ways and leave the training session. Soon afterward, they are attacked by Gozma troops. Five surviving officers gather together, beaten and exhausted but refusing to retreat from the threat. The Earth trembles, empowering them with the Earth Force, giving them the power of mythological beasts and becoming the Changeman. With the mystical power of the Earth Force and military technology, the Changeman begin their war against Gozma.